Laid back tiefling bloodrager.


Standing at a huge, brawny six and a half foot tall, Threka is covered in scars inflicted both by enemies and herself. The latter detail her tribal affiliations the the rites of passage that she has gone through. More obvious, though are the charred-looking wounds where her skin seems to have split into patterns of demonic runes. Two stubby red horns rise out of her forehead, and her teeth are all slightly elongated and pointed.

When the rage takes her, Threka suddenly becomes a very large, very angry 13 feet tall. Her horns grow as well, curving back past her temples, her nails become long and sharp, and her jaw crunches out of place to accommodate bigger, nastier teeth. The scars that mark her spells glow red from the inside out, and from her throat rolls a deep, bellowing growl.


Born to human refugees fleeing the Worldwound, Threka’s parents were horrified to find that their had been born with orange eyes and a full set of pointed teeth. Unwilling to raise such a child and unwilling to kill her directly, the pair left the baby exposed on the plains and attempted to think no more of it.

Luckily, demonspawn are known for their resistance to the cold, and the child lived long enough to be discovered by a nomadic tribe of orcs and half-orcs. They had come this far led by the dreams of their shaman, told that she would find one touched by their totem spirits of fire and distruction, and what they found was a human baby. When picked up and examined, however, she drew blood with a bite, blinking up at them with her orange eyes. The shaman made her choice and took the young one with her tribe, giving her the childhood name of Tiny Demon Child.

Tiny Demon Child grew up strong, fierce, and anything but tiny. Fully convinced that she’s simply an orc touched by fire and destruction, she took to the self-mutilating orcish scars with gusto. When her mad furies finally manifested as body-distorting demonic rages, wounds split her skin in the shapes of charred demonic runes, glowing red when the rage was upon her. With these runes came the ability to call fire and lightning, to harden her spilled blood until it acted as armor. Upon reaching adulthood, she was given the adult name of Threkal’gast—the Destroyer.

The shaman who raised her believed that Threkal’gast’s destiny was to ultimately rally the orcs under a single banner and bring about a golden age for their people. But such destinies are not achieved through wishing for them. When she was powerful enough, she enlisted with the Copper Hook, planning to gain enough notoriety and strength to aid in her eventual destiny.

Threka is, on the whole, very laid back and confident in her own physical superiority and prowess. She sees no need to get angry outside of combat, since she recognizes her rage as a valuable, finite resource, and doesn’t care for the petty squabbles of “tiny folk.” She enjoys rich food, strong drink, and a good-natured brawl every now and then—though even Threka at her most good-natured can result in broken bones. She carries a double-sided axe, but never bothers to keep it close to hand. When you are a weapon, steel just gets in the way.

After many successful missions, Threka was assigned to escort and protect a group of clerics intent on exploring Tsar and the surrounding areas. She eventually fell during pitched combat against a Dark Young, and her soul spent at least a short amount of time in the presence of the Demon Prince Balphagor. Her remains have been kept in stasis, but the state of her soul is currently unknown.


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